Saturday, September 5, 2009

The My Php Dating 2.0 - the ultimate internet dating and matchmaking software

The ever-growing popularity of the online dating ,matchmaking and social networking sites clearly indicate an emerging trend – Online friendship and sharing has become a popular media of getting emotionally refreshed for a modern netizen and their numbers are growing day by day. Considering this emerging and growing trend among web users , Online Dating and Matchmaking business has become one of the most profitable businesses on the Internet.

But only successful online dating sites make a mark – and every successful online dating and matchmaking site is backed by right business strategies and policies, unique, professional and secure software, ease of end user usage, proper online advertising campaigns and web promotion. Among all these factors – the choice of the right online dating software is perhaps the most crucial factor behind the site’s success. A dating /matchmaking software that can be easily manipulated to change the site’s look and feel , an online dating script that can be easily customized to meet the client’s specific business strategies and policies , a solution that can be administered and monitored with minimum hassles , a website that the end users(site members) can easily understand and use , a dating solution provider who provides prompt support and constant upgrades are a few criteria that should be considered while choosing the right online dating and match matching software.

Keeping all these requirement aspects in mind , Php Online Dating Software has created such a powerful dating / matchmaking software - MyPhpDating (version 2.0 available now!) that helps you to create your own dating / matchmaking website within a few minutes. Using its online installer, anyone can easily create a good-looking, professional dating website and also can customize its look and feel, features and configurations through its integrated configuration manager. Not only that, My php dating provides you a full featured web-based graphical reporting system and administration control panel through which you will be able to view and analyze your business growth from anywhere in this world and to control your business strategy accordingly.

But that’s not all ! MyPhpDating also provides add-on options which you can choose from including our huge repository of dating site templates, add-on-features ,custom feature /custom template design and SEO .


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